Glen Arbour's award winning championship course.

Championship Course

Glen Arbour golf course was designed for public enjoyable play, 12 years and up, by renowned Canadian golf course architect, Graham Cooke. The combination of natural hazards, elevation changes, and tricky bentgrass greens challenge players of all skill levels and offer an exceptional golf experience.

Our championship course has hosted world-class tournaments including BMO Canadian Women’s Open, TELUS World Skins Game, Mike Weir Miracle Golf Drive, and the first Wayne Gretzky & Friends Tournament.

  • Hole 1 - Par: 4

    The starting golf hole at Glen Arbour is a sweeping dogleg to the right. The secret to the approach shot is to not start with the right side of the green. Play left centre or run your shot into the green using the friendly left side bank.
    Championship Hole 1
  • Hole 2 - Par: 3

    This high, scenic par three will yield its share of birdies. Remember that putts will tend to break towards the pond found below the green.
    Glen Arbour Championship hole 2
  • Hole 3 - Par: 5

    This powerful par five demands a good drive to carry Thompson Run. From then on, it’s all uphill to the largest and most contoured green on the course. The green has three distinct tiers that will make putting an interesting experience.
    Glen Arbour Champion Hole 3
  • Hole 4 - Par: 4

    The high tees of this attractive par four will help you carry the natural inlet that reaches in from Beaver Lake. The gently contoured green rests above the lake and captures one of Glen Arbour’s most spectacular views.
    Glen Arbour - Hole 4
  • Hole 5 - Par: 4

    This mid-length par four requires a straight drive to the plateaued fairway. The key is catching a level lie for your approach to this high, tiered green. Take an extra club into the green to avoid the left side bunkers and to compensate for the major elevation change.
    Glen Arbour Hole 5
  • Hole 6 - Par: 5

    This par five is the longest golf hole on the course, and a true test of golf. Thompson Run meanders across the fairway just past the mid-point of the hole, creating an interesting challenge.
    Glen Arbour Hole 6
  • Hole 7 - Par: 3

    There is no second guessing this par three. You need the right club and a steely resolve. A good shot will be rewarded.
    Glen Arbour Hole 07
  • Hole 8 - Par: 4

    This scenic, short par four plays as a gentle dogleg to the left. Long hitters will need to draw their tee shots or risk finding sand and grassy swales to the right.
    Glen Arbour Hole 08
  • Hole 9 - Par: 4

    This spectacular par four hugs the shore-line of Sandy Lake from tee to green. Strategic play will lead to success on this memorable golf hole.
    Glen Arbour Hole 09
  • Hole 10 - Par: 4

    The tenth hole is a sharp dogleg left that climbs dramatically to a high, tiered green. This hole has many dangers and thus par or better is a fine accomplishment.
    Glen Arbour Hole 11
  • Hole 11 - Par: 3

    The narrow, quiet green is long, with at least a three-club difference from front to back—so judge accordingly.
    Glen Arbour Hole 11
  • Hole 12 - Par: 5

    This scenic hole skips across Bottle Lake before cutting deeply into the hillside that rises to your right. The unique contoured hillside is attractive, but it is also home to bunker sets and dark hollows.
    Glen Arbour Hole 12
  • Hole 13 - Par: 3

    This large, pancake-shaped green will accept shots by air or by land. The safe shot is a short, left-side approach that lets the fairway grades and hillside work the ball onto the green.
    Glen Arbour Hole 13
  • Hole 14 - Par: 5

    Fourteen has a special character and presence. This exciting par five follows Bottle Lake from tee to green and captures some of the most spectacular views found on this property.
    Glen Arbour Hole 14
  • Hole 15 - Par: 4

    This hole has the narrowest fairway on the course. Accuracy is preferred over length. Take the club that will keep you out of the trees and avoid the bunkers guarding the fairway.
    Glen Arbour Hole 15
  • Hole 16 - Par: 4

    The sixteenth is a special par four that beckons you to hit that long fade, as there’s plenty of room. A good drive will set up a short pitch to a rolling green guarded by bunkers, grassy hollows, and a rock-lined stream to the left.
    Glen Arbour Hole 16
  • Hole 17 - Par: 3

    The natural setting gives this last par three a special charm. Players are forced to carry the colourful marsh separating the tee and green. The green appears as a small target and plays like an island surrounded by wetlands and forest.
    Glen Arbour Hole 17
  • Hole 18 - Par: 5

    The finishing golf hole at Glen Arbour has the power and beauty befitting the close of this magnificent course. The long descending fairway will help you home, and Sandy Lake will greet you at the green site.
    Glen Arbour Hole 18