Experience Glen Arbour

Our Championship Golf Course is the hallmark of Glen Arbour, but we strive to provide an experience that goes beyond golf. Guests and Members can expect culinary adventures, thoughtfully crafted social calendars, and the opportunity to engage with our community.

Glen Arbour

At Glen Arbour, we believe in fantastic golf and amazing friendships. Our members are fellow life enthusiasts with a taste for great food, personal wellness, a good time, and of course golf. Our culture is inclusive to all, and values camaraderie while providing a comfortable space where people know there’s always a seat on our patio or open spot for a round.

Professional Staff

An amazing experience starts with amazing people. Our staff truly embody the values of Glen Arbour, providing Members and Guests with world class hospitality, immaculate landscaping, amazing cuisine, and a welcoming attitude.


Sean Willshaw

General Manager

Sue Kessler

Director of Hospitality

Kathleen Briand

Finance & Administration Coordinator

Food & Beverage

Richard Sanford

Executive Chef

Allison Surette

Deerfield Pub Manager


Josh Gracie

Assistant Golf Professional

Bradford Curren

Head Golf Professional

Carter Paterson

Assistant Golf Professional

Greg Pettis

Outside Services Supervisor


Craig Acton


Marc Poirier

Equipment Mechanic


The Experience and Premium Service offered at Glen Arbour takes the definition of Golf Membership to another level. We set the Gold Standard for private memberships, offering an amazing experience in Golf, Amenities, Events, and Dining!