Green Keeping Staff

The object of the Green keeping staff is actually very simple; provide the best possible playing conditions day in and day out. The dedicated team of Green keepers start early in the morning and do their tasks with very little fanfare. Maintaining the 150 acres that Glen Arbour encompasses is a large undertaking and providing tournament type conditions for golfers of all abilities pushes staff to the limits.

Outside Services

The first and last points of contact of our guests are the outside services staff. Their permanent smiles and their helpful hands have become a very important part of the Glen Arbour Experience. These Glen Arbour Ambassadors are vital overall experience and their commitment to service has allowed Glen Arbour to become the brand it is.

Golf Shop

A knowledgeable, welcoming professional staff is such an important part of the overall golf experience. The single most important goal for our golf shop staff is to make the check in process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Food and Beverage

Whether you are looking for a pre-game snack, a mid-round drink or a post-game beverage the Halfway House is conveniently located to serve players. The single most important goal of the HWH Staff is to offer a varied menu that can be served in a timely matter without compromising quality. If you miss the HWH be sure to stop the Beverage Cart staff on course, who will be happy to serve you drinks and freshly snacks.